Storyoptic is all about effective storytelling, because it's the key to success. Our expertise can help you discover and deepen your story, and implement storytelling techniques and strategies for your creative activity and business.

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I set up Storyoptic in 2014 as a way to transfer the storytelling skills and expertise I've accumulated over two decades of documentary filmmaking to a wide audience of creatives and the business community.

Learning how to operate a successful online business while continuing to direct films has been tough. Every day I discover new personal development and online strategies to enable me to continue filmmaking, while having a life!

I believe it's the combination of these skills and experience that makes Storyoptic unique. Developing methods and approaches in a 'time poor' situation has meant that the ones we teach at Storyoptic are highly focused and effective.

That's why 'Creative Indies' - those active in creative vocations, who need also to market and sell their products and services online, are great clients for us. We've walked the walk, and are teaching what works. We provide an online membership community for these folk - Storyoptic University - and we have 14 online courses with 15,000 students in 151 countries to train specific storytelling skills and applications.

We've discovered that people in the entrepreneurial and business community are also drawn to us, because they intuitively understand the power of effective and creative storytelling. Our decision to develop a specific consultancy services for story and video - StoryDoc and VideoDoc - stemmed from demand within the business community. Our initiative to launch a storytelling approach to lead generation and client acquisition and retention - The Story Program - addresses a fundamental challenge for all businesses.

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I look forward to seeing you soon in the Storyoptic community and programs.

Paul Jenkins, Storyoptic Founder & CEO

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